Sr. Arcano
O poeta de uma sociedade decadente
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The Death's Troop
Translated by Andreia Santos

Marching over the enemy's land
My steps make thunder's echoes.
I adopt the loneliness as a castigation
At the military guard of platoon.

The cloud that appears on the horizon,
At blue of the sky wanders in liberty.
It illuminates the light and the peace in my front
So far away as much the wings of longing.

The night is my companion friend,
The stars show me how I am small.
On the rain I patrolled the whole night,
On the cold or on the heat I am pleasant.

The love for a pretty and sweet young woman
It's like the coastline of the immense sea:
They are separated waves that move
Trying the refuge conquer.

Marching over the enemy's land
We are skeletons that crawl,
Vibrating well in the middle of the danger
By where are fire and the certain death.

It's war at the limit of the will
It's exaggerated love until to die:
The offered life to liberty
And the written death in blood to whom to suffer.

Letting yourself take by the destiny
The wind takes the bird on the sky.
The body vibrates in favor of nonsense
The troop march towards the mausoleum.

The moon and the wolfman saw
And the witches invocated storms.
The troop of mystery inherited the death
And deads we came back to the truths.

Marching over the enemy's land
The troop never find its luck.
We dream that in the dark of a shelter
The sleep is a slow step for the death.
Sr Arcano
Enviado por Sr Arcano em 31/03/2017
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